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Safe oxygen filling in seconds

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, demand for medical oxygen has dramatically increased, as it is used for the ventilation of COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory distress. The WEH® TW152 connector has proved to be an ideal tool for the quick and safe filling of medical oxygen.


In addition to the exceptionally high requirements in terms of safety, leak tightness and cleanliness during the filling process for medical oxygen, efficiency is absolutely essential during the coronavirus pandemic due to increased demand.

The TW152 filling connector facilitates the simple, efficient and safe filling of oxygen cylinders.
The process is easy: push the connector onto the external thread of the cylinder valve and move the sliding sleeve forward. The split collet design system securely locks onto the standard cylinder thread and the pressure-tight connection is established.

In comparison with conventional screw connectors, the connection is made in seconds without any need for tedious screwing and unscrewing. Efficiency is increased and the process is more joint-friendly for operators.

The TW152’s compact design makes it ideally suitable for filling oxygen cylinders with pressure control valves and protection caps. The connector can be fitted as required with a straight or 90° media inlet and is available for cylinder valves fitted with residual pressure valves.

75,000 connectors sold worldwide
The range of WEH® connectors for gasous applications has been well-established in the international gas industry for years and is available for a variety of gases and gas mixes like inert gases, oxygen, nitrogen, propane, acetylene, CO2, gases for medical applications, etc.
Internal or external thread, pin index, with or without residual pressure valve – we have the right WEH® connector for virtually any regional or country-specific standard (DIN, CGA, BS, NF, CEN).


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