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The perfect connection for automated leak testing

Increasing automation with simultaneous quality improvements are requirements that must be satisfied, particularly in mass production. Continuous improvement processes within the framework of quality management are therefore essential for meeting current quality standards and making them more efficient.

WEH® Connector TW02 for robotic applications

Leak testing is increasingly being automated, especially in mass production, since very high quantities often have to be reliably tested for leaks during the production process.

Pneumatic leak testing is the most common automated testing procedure, and is suitable for numerous applications.

Here WEH® Test connectors with pneumatic actuation have proved successful, as they are ideal for automation.

WEH® Connectors are available either with pneumatic V-actuation using a valve head, or P-actuation for external manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems.

WEH® TW18V Connector with pneumatic actuation via valve head for leak testing on external threads

WEH® TW800 Universal Connector for leak testing on engines

The test connector is actuated automatically by applying the pilot pressure. The integrated clamping jaws grip in or on the test piece and establish a pressure-tight connection within seconds. This simplifies processes, increases productivity, and the leak testing of components is fully integrated in the production process as part of quality assurance.

No matter whether internal threads, external threads, bores or straight tubes, WEH offers the right test connection with pneumatic actuation.

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