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Use Case
  1. Testing (294)
  2. Filling (95)
Connection Type
  1. Female thread (60)
  2. Internal thread (65)
  3. Male thread (67)
  4. External thread (41)
  5. Internal tube (65)
  6. External tube (68)
  7. Holes / Bores (36)
  8. Beads (63)
  9. Collars (52)
  10. Swages / Flares (52)
  11. More
  1. Loop actuation (33)
  2. Lever actuation (52)
  3. Clamping lever actuation (93)
  4. Grip sleeve actuation (61)
  5. Pneumatic actuation (28)
  6. Pneumatic actuation via valve head (19)
  7. Hand-tightening (28)
Connection Size
  1. Manufacturing (281)
  2. Automotive (147)
  3. HVAC-R (90)
  4. Gas Processing (60)
  5. Automation (38)
  6. Breathing Air (13)

Can’t find a suitable connector?

Don’t worry! One of our strengths is the ability to provide a connection solution where no standard connector exists.

Why I should buy an original WEH Product:

The original WEH® Jaw locking mechanism

For a perfect connection in seconds

A strong and secure connection

The unique jaw locking mechanism developed by WEH clamps securely into place (without distortion or damage to the test piece) on most of our connector types and is impervious against contamination. The wear on the test piece is minimal because of the relatively low surface pressure on the ball connector.

A track record of experience, proven in the field

For more than 40 years, WEH connectors have facilitated repetitive connection tasks for function, pressure & leak testing applications.

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With more than 40 sales partners in over 50 countries, WEH offers you local product support and service worldwide.

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