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WEH® TW17 Modular Quick Connector
for leak and function testing up to 350 bar

Take advantage of its unique functionality


Thanks to its modular design with three different actuations, this connector can be used in a variety of functions. The actuations can be replaced quickly at any time. All you need to do is screw off the rear of the connector and replace it with the required actuation.

The following types of actuations are available:

Manual actuation via lever
Pneumatic actuation via valve head
Pneumatic actuation for external manual, semi or fully automatic control systems


The higher the test pressure, the more firmly the WEH® Connector clamps into the thread of the test piece. This ensures a pressure-tight connection and improves safety for the operator.


Pressure-tight and secure connections are achieved in seconds – with no need for time-consuming hand-tightening. Bores have been added as standard to the clamping jaws for body sizes 5 - 8 of the connector for increased media flow and enhanced productivity. This modification is also possible for body sizes 1 - 4.


The front seal of the TW17 Quick coupler can be replaced quickly and easily – with no need for disassembly or long downtimes. This makes the connector particularly maintenance-friendly and reduces maintenance downtime
to a minimum.


Manufactured of high quality materials and Made in Germany, the Quick Connector is very durable and robust, making it ideal for industrial use.


Each WEH® TW17 Connector is subject to strict quality controls and intensive pressure and durability tests in our own testing laboratory. Quality control is ensured in accordance with ISO 9001.


If the connector is used as a plug, the media inlet can be closed. For this purpose, we provide a brass screw plug for use at the lower pressure range of up to 50 bar and a steel unit for the high pressure range up to 350 bar.

Special applications

  • The WEH® TW17 is available in versions for the widest possible range of applications.

  • Leak & Test Connectors


      Fast & Easy connection to threads, tubes & holes. Just Push to connect! No wrenches, tapes, thread sealants.
  • Leak & Test Connectors


      Instant sealing of threads, tubes & holes. Time saving & easy connection for vehicle component testing
  • Refrigerant Filling & Test Connectors


      Instant Connection for refrigerant filling. Connectors for leak & pressure testing of HVAC-R tubing.


The WEH® TW17H connector is the perfect tool for pneumatic and hydraulic pressure & function testing of components with female thread, such as engines, cylinders, pressure vessels, hoses, fittings etc.


Max. allowable operating pressure PS Vacuum up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)
Temperature range +5 °C up to +80 °C
Leak rate 1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Actuation H = manual actuation via lever
V = pneumatic actuation via valve head
P = pneumatic actuation for external manual, semi or fully automatic control systems
Material Corrosion resistant stainless steel, anodized aluminium
Sealing material NBR
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