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WEH GmbH Precision Connectors

For more than 45 years, WEH has been the leading manufacturer in fluid systems connection technology with a central focus on developing quick connectors and special solutions.

Founded in 1973 as a one-man business, the company soon started to expand.

With an intuitive understanding of market needs, WEH developed a whole new product line of quick connectors enabling pressure and function-tight connections in just seconds – without tedious hand tightening.

The WEH® Jaw locking mechanism was a quantum leap forward in efficient fluid leak testing technology.

The high-quality and innovative quick connectors for pressure, function and leak testing as well as filling and evacuating of gaseous media are used in all important branches of industry, e.g. the manufacturing industry, hydraulics, automotive, gas or climatisation and refrigeration industries.
As the specialist for connection solutions, WEH also supplies a wide range of standard quick connectors, as well as numerous bespoke solutions according to customer specifications.

WEH GmbH Gas Technology

Again it was with intuitive foresight for the future of alternative fuels that in 1986 the WEH product range was extended to include refuelling components for natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen (CGH2) when WEH GmbH Gas Technology was founded. Today, WEH is world market leader for alternative refuelling components and its CNG fuelling system NGV1 is the worldwide standard.

The well proven design, ease of operation, safety and reliability of WEH® Products – from fuelling nozzles, hoses, breakaway couplings and filters for fuelling stations to receptacles and check valves in vehicles, have stimulated a growing consumer acceptance of alternative fuels.

From natural gas it was only a small step to developing fuelling components for gaseous hydrogen. Once again, this is where WEH pioneers international standards. Today, most state-of-the-art hydrogen fuelling stations all around the world rely on WEH® Fuelling components. The latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicles of leading automotive manufacturers are equipped with WEH® Fuelling components. Thanks to intensive research and development, WEH has become a reliable and valued partner to the automotive industry in this cutting-edge technology.

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WEH is certified ISO 9001 and certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Annex III, Module H. As an internationally operating company, WEH is represented in over 60 countries all around the world and has approximately 200 employees.

WEH has long set the benchmark for Quality. The innovative product range 'Made in Germany' is manufactured from high-grade materials and meets the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellent quality is firmly embedded in our corporate culture throughout the whole life cycle of our products - from design through manufacturing to service.

And last but not least the principles of sustainable development are part of all our business operations – from environmental protection to safety. WEH is aware of the fact that today‘s action will change the world of tomorrow.


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