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WEH® TW800 | TW850 – All-rounders for many different industries

As a leading manufacturer in connection technology, WEH offers not only a comprehensive standard range of different test connectors but also numerous individual customised solutions.


Greenfuel presents WEH® CNG Refuelling Components in New Delhi

Greenfuel Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., WEH Distributor in India, presented the comprehensive product range of CNG Components for both CNG filling stations and OEMs at the 3rd Annual NGV India Summit 2018 in New Delhi.


Safe and easy defuelling for natural gas with WEH® Defuelling nozzles

Defuelling or emptying CNG cylinders bundles (e.g. for trailers) is a frequent challenge for service technicians. Service staff must be sufficiently trained to ensure that the procedure is performed properly and safely.


Safe H2 fuelling for electric fuel cell vehicles

Sustainable energy sources and the protection of the environment are becoming more and more important with regard to the increasing levels of CO2 emissions. Engines that are powered with fossil fuels are not future oriented, in view of the continuously high amounts of pollutants and the growing numbers of vehicles being registered worldwide.


Modular WEH® Connector for manual, semi or fully automatic pressure and function tests

Pressure and function testing of components during production must be simple and time-effective. Making hand-threaded connections takes much longer and is quite cumbersome.

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