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Automotive - Leak & Pressure Test Connectors

Automate Vehicle Component Testing

WEH® Quick Couplers allow for safe & easy pressure and leak testing during series production of automotive components. Benefit from:

Simplified testing – Reduced connection time – Increased productivity

Connect in seconds to internal threads, external threads, straight tubes, bores, beads, collars, flanges etc. – without tedious hand tightening.

Connection solutions for vaccum testing / leak testing / helium testing of fuel lines, motors, air conditioning systems & heat exchangers & cooling systems, compressors, cylinder heads, injection pumps, servo-assisted steering systems, fuel tanks, tube connections and transmission systems.

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Improve Productivity for leak and pressure testing automotive systems
WEH® Automotive Connectors are ideally suited for high volume production testing of components in automotive and vehicle systems. They reduce costs, increase productivity and quality. Fast test connectors make leak testing, pressure testing and function testing of automotive components a child's play. WEH Quick Couplers are easily connected to components with threads, hoses, tubes etc. simplifying workflows and reducing operating times. No hand-tightening, no wrenches or thread sealants needed. Just PUSH to connect.

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