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WEH® CNG Fuelling Solutions

WEH offers components for alternative fuelling applications (CNG vehicles and CNG dispensing systems):

  • - High-flow self-service filling nozzles (type 1 nozzles, type 2 nozzles, type 3 nozzles, NGV1 nozzles, NZ nozzles, GOST nozzles) for time-fill, fast-fill and high-flow applications
  • - Breakaways (inline breakaways and for direct installation at the dispenser)
  • - Receptacles for CNG refuelling of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles
  • - Pressure ratings: B200 (200 bar / 3,000 psi) acc. to ISO 14469-1 / P30 acc. to ANSI NGV1; B250 (250 bar / 3,600 psi) acc. to ISO 14469-3 / P36 acc. to ANSI NGV1
As a long-standing partner to the international automobile, hydraulic and manufacturing industry, our experts have developed advanced solutions for many applications. These advanced solutions are evidence of the long tradition of excellence engineered into every WEH® Component.

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